Assesment | Baha'i School



School life can be a lot less strenuous and more joyful if we all show more appreciation and concern and have a positive attitude. We have noticed that many children who have not done well in their exam and who actually need the support, understanding and sympathy of the parents and guardians, are instead given a tongue lashing shown a cold shoulder, totally ignored or even chastised for it. And regretfully in some cases acknowledge the receipt of the report card by refusing to sign it. This act in no way helps the child to improve in his/her studies. It only increases his /her unhappiness and makes him incapable of facing the problems and dealing with his weakness effectively. As time passed the loss and damage done add to the dilemma our experience has shown that even very weak students have shown marked improvement if they are encouraged and assisted to solve their problems. And adversely when neglected or chastised they become depressed and hopeless and turn elsewhere for comfort and relief.

For a clear pass and promotion to the next class a child must pass in all the subjects scoring 40% marks or more in the final examination. Equal weight age is given to every day performance of the child. According to the new system of Evaluation introduced by the CBSE Board, weight age is given to class work, home work, class tests, project work, quizzes etc.