Curriculum | Baha'i School


The syllabus becomes more broad based at this level and gradually the young learner is exposed to a wide range of subjects and study material which is suitably graded. Apart from Maths, English , Nepali and Hindi, subjects like Environmental studies  are introduced as is also Computer education.

From class V onwards, in order to inculcate moral values and general awareness of the students, inter-active sessions are held in Value Education and General Knowledge classes. The teaching of all the subjects is interactive and activity based and the students are enthusiastic, active participants in the whole learning experience.


From Class VI to class VIII the curriculum of all the academic subjects as well as a variety of co-curricular activities encourages creativity, aesthetics and adventure. All students study English, Hindi, Mathematics,Nepali, Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology), Social Studies (History, Civics and Geography). Co-curricular activities include Socially Useful & Productive Work (Art, Music, Dance, Science Club, ECO Club, Literary Club, and Heritage club), Physical and Health Education and Computer Education.


Students of Class IX and X take Subjects prescribed by CBSE Board. They have five major subjects which includes the following.

1.     Mathematics

2.     English

3.     Science

4.     Social Studies

5.     Vernacular (Nepali/Hindi)

6.     The sixth additional subjects is Information Technology

Note: from session 2020 the students of class X can opt for either Basic Mathematics or Standard Mathematics as per their Capability and interest.