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School mission


School Mission Statement

We at Baha’I School Tadong are committed to personal excellence of each student by imparting holistic activity based quality education enriched with high moral values in a healthy learning environment. Empowering individual spiritual and material who can contribute for the betterment of society.We believe that every child is potentially the light of the world. So every effort is made to bring the best in them and accept each one individually. The underprivileged and differently abled students are a part of our main stream.

We uphold the values of justice, honesty, truthfulness, dedication, collaboration and spirit of service. We aim through Baha’I moral classes and junior youth spiritual empowerment programmes to produce promoters of social transformation and to be an agent of change so the betterment of the world can be accomplished.We believe in capacity building of all who are a part of BAHA’I family. The staff of the school are trained to perform efficiently where performance is evaluated regularly and all are encouraged to improve, where staff uses consultation to solve problem at the appropriate level.

The Principles of the Baha’I Faith.

a) Oneness of God
b) Oneness of Religion
c) Oneness of mankind
d) Equality between men and women, form core of our belief.

Action reflection and consultation will be the core of all decision making.All the classrooms will have access to library so that reading culture will be inculcated.Career guidance cell will be established which will help students and parents for career counselling The school will utilize its resources for community development projects such as literacy classes,health awareness programme and protection of environment.The school will train the human resource to cater to “Children with special needs” infrastructure as per need will be added.