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School's Calendar

                                                                           CALENDAR -2021


School office Re-opens 3rd feb Wednesday, 2021

Staff Meeting 15th Feb Monday 2021

School Re-opens 18th Feb Thursday 2021

Bhumchu :-            27th feb, Saturday 2021

March       :-

Naw-Ruz 20th March Saturday 2021

FA-1 Test 27th March to 31st March Saturday to Wednesday 2021

Holli:-                  29th March Monday,2021


Good Friday :-  2nd April Friday,2021

Dr.B.R Ambedkar Jayanti:- 14th April Wednesday,2021

First- Day  of Ridvan 20th April Tuesday 2021

Ram-Nawami( Chaite Dassian) 21st April Wednesday,2021

Ninth   –Day of Ridvan 28th April Wednesday 2021


Twelfth Day of Ridvan  1st May Saturday 2021

FA-2 Test 12th to 15th May (Wednesday to Saturday) 2021

Id-Ul-Fitr:- 14th may Friday,2021

Declaration of the Bab:-23rd May Sunday, 2021

Saga-Dawa:- 26th May Wednesday,2021

Ascension of Baha’u’lla’h   28th May Friday 2021



Half-Yearly Exam (Due to Lockdown and the closure of school since April 1st week the mid-term exam dates have been shifted to July 1st week. Exams will be held in online mode for all the classes.


Summer-Break: -   12th July to 19th July ( Monday  to Monday ) 2021

Martyrdom of the Bab:- 9th July Friday 2021

School Re-opens:- 15th July Thursday, 2021

Guru-Rimpoche’s Thrunkar Tshechu:- 19th July Monday 2021


Independence Day:-15th August Sunday 2021

FA-3 Test 21st August to 24th August (Saturday to Tuesday) 2021

Janmasthami:- 30th August Monday 2021



Teachers Day: 5th September Sunday 2021

Teej( Haritalika):- 9th September Thursday 2021

Indrajatra :-    20th September Monday 2021


FA-4 Test :-  1st ,4th  and 6th October( Friday ,Monday and Wednesday )2021

Gandhi Jyanti: 2nd October Saturday 2021

Birthday of Lt.NarBahadur Bhandari (former CM of Sikkim) : 5th October Tuesday 2021

Durga Puja:- ( Dasain) 9th October to 17th October Saturday to Sunday 2021

School Re-opens : 18th October Monday 2021

Lhabab Duechen:- 27th October Wednesday 2021


Laxmi Puja (Deepawali) : 4th to 7th November ( Thursday to Sunday ) 2021

Birth of the  Bab : 6th November Saturday 2021

Birth of Baha’u’lla’h  :- 7th November Sunday 2021

School Re-opens : 8th November Monday 2021

Children’s Day : 14th November Sunday 2021

Annual Examination/SA-2    24th to 30th November (Wednesday to Tuesday) 2021


New Admission for 2022 Class Nursery to VIII 5th, 6th and 7th December Sunday to Tuesday

Results: - 15th December Wednesday 2021

Last working day of Office: - 17th December Friday 2021

School Re-opens (New Academic Session) 


NOTE:  This is to inform all our stake holders that due to lockdown and the closure of school the dates of mid-term exam/FA-3/FA-4/SA-2/periodic test may vary and some changes may be made looking at the present situation. Timely information about the changes will be intimated to all our stake holders.